A Complete Review of Surfer SEO

In this Surfer SEO review we will take a look at all aspects of this data driven search engine optimization tool (SEO) for on page and beyond.

For those individuals who have never used the tool or not even heard of it before, we will provide you with some insight into what exactly it is and how it can improve the quality and ranking factors of the content that you produce.


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What is Surfer SEO?

It is a tool that is able to analyze why certain top pages are well ranked for any chosen keywords. Armed with this information you are able to tailor the content that you produce so that it ranks better than that of your competitors.

The tool is not only able to help you with creating new content, but also with optimizing any existing web pages that you may already have. The Content Editor feature works to analyze the keyword density and usage of keywords, content structure, phrasing, plus many other aspects, and compares these to the highest ranked results for the keywords that are the exact same. After it does this, it then provides the guidelines that set out how you should build your content editor so that it has both the right wording and structure to appear on the first page of search results.

The tool also has a feature that analyzes keywords by assessing their keyword density so that you are able to fully optimize your existing web pages.

In addition to this, there is also a common backlinks and keyword research feature, which are both very helpful in improving the on-page SEO of the content that you produce.


How does Surfer SEO know what factors are good for search engine optimization (SEO)?

Because the likes of Google, Bing, and other search engines are not forthcoming in the algorithms that they use, Surfer Surfer SEO instead analyses a number of different factors to establish which of them has the most significant impact on ranking.

It works by actually reverse engineering the results that appear on the first page of the search engine; this is also known as the search engine results page, or SERP for short.

Using information gleaned from web pages that are already ranked based on certain keywords, Surfer Surfer SEO is able to provide you with specific recommendations

These recommendations go above and beyond simply stating an appropriate word length, to also advise on the type of web page that you should create (i.e. quick answer or long form), the type of media that you should use (i.e. lists or graphs etc.), what subjects to cover, and even the phrases and words that you should use.

However, there is some skepticism as to how effective this method is. After all, just because your competitors are ranking high with their content, it is not necessarily true to say that this is because they are following any specific practices.

Although, you are on a much better standing by aligning your content as closely as possible to that of your competitors than not doing so. The main thing is make sure that you know which competitor web pages that you should try to align with in order to minimize the chance of creating the wrong kind of content editor.


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How to know which competitors to align to?

There is more to this than simply looking at the top ten or so search results when analysing content, as it could potentially provide you with lots of recommendations that are not effective and data that is not accurate.

For example, it has been noted that by simply following the wrong competitors to align content to, some web pages have fallen from being ranked number 25 down to a rank of 41. However, by aligning to the correct competitors, these such web pages eventually made their way to the first page of search results.

This is a clear indicator that for competitor analysis, it is very much a case of comparing oranges to apples. i.e. these things cannot be compared practically as they are two completely different things.

So that you are able to fully maximize the potential of the various features that Surfer Surfer SEO has to offer, you should align your SEO content to those competitor web pages that are most similar to yours rather than any that are vastly different.

In order to know which competitors to align yourself to you should start by avoiding any of those that are highly ranked and have lots of authority, such as Amazon or Wikipedia; unless you yourself are a website of this size that is. Those that you do go for should be within the same sector and have the same or similar format. When optimizing for local search engine optimization (SEO) tools. Finally, you should consider the word count of the top ranking factors pages.

Doing this will ensure that the data that you extract from your competitor analysis is a lot more accurate and so much more useful to you for producing your own content.


What do we like best about Surfer SEO?

There are lots of different things that we really like about the tool, but the main things is simply how easy it is to use, especially compared to the other similar on-page SEO review tools currently out there.

The way in which you are able to analyse everything from a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), or a website domain, to a keyword is completely and utterly intuitive. So much so that even individuals using it for the very first time are able to perform this task with absolute ease.

Analyzing the data is also very easy to do on Surfer SEO Surfer SEO. Rather than dumping you with so much information that it becomes overwhelming, you are instead provided with a number of easy to interpret visual representations of the data instead. This enables even novices to be easily able to identify any weak spots on your web page.

The ease of use is also extended to the auditing feature that is available on the Surfer tool. This enables you to quickly compare your own web page with the highest ranked 47 competitors of yours.

The Surfer audit looks at a number of different attributes and areas, allowing you to examine each of these in detail if you so wish to. However, the main things that you should be looking at here are the ‘Warnings’ and ‘Errors’ attributes, as they represent any deficiencies that are present and thus impacting the content ranking of that keyword.

Auditing of a web page can be performed over and over without is using additional review credits so you do not need to worry about that aspect when using this helpful feature.



From this review review of Surfer SEO, you should now posses a good amount of knowledge about the tool and understand just how effective it can be when used correctly.

Whether you are using this for your own small to medium size business trying to do some DIY search engine optimization (SEO) for your web page or a large scale marketing agency performing advanced search engine optimization on the behalf of numerous clients, Surfer SEO Surfer SEO provides you with the platform to produce relevant and engaging content.

However, it must be noted that the tool is not a sure fire fix for purely written content that is simply wide of the mark. If the content that you produce is of a poor quality or contains keywords that are difficult, then not even a tool as good as Surfer SEO Surfer SEO will help in getting you good results.

When producing content for your web page you should never try and outsmart the likes of Google, Bing or any other search engine by writing articles that are any longer than what your customers / web page visitors want to read. The adage of longer is better is really not true. There are in fact much better and more effective ways of spending both your time and money on improving the search engine optimization of your content.

Simply my minimizing the gap of content on your web page can significantly help to improve how it ranks on search engines. For this reason, this should be the very first search engine optimization technique that you deploy.

For any individual or agency that is looking to greatly improve the effectiveness of their current web pages and the success of any fresh new content that they produce then it is highly recommended that they invest their budget in the Surfer Surfer SEO tool.


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